About Me

I help agile and product development teams flourish and achieve their goals. I’m passionate about inclusive collaboration and positive psychology and an expert in training, facilitation and workshop design. I use a toolkit of techniques that I’ve built up over 25 years to help teams solve problems together and reach their potential.



Using accelerated learning techniques and positive psychology to deliver highly immersive and playful learning experiences in all aspects of Agile and Product Development


Passionate about inclusive collaboration. An expert in face to face and remote facilitation and workshop design, using a wide range of product innovation and continuous discovery techniques to help teams align to outcomes and accelerate delivery of value


Bringing together 20+ years of tech leadership experience with a deep understanding of organisational psychology and human motivation to help teams and individuals flourish and achieve their goals

What my clients say

Jenny provides BDD and agile training for our teams at FundApps. Jenny’s courses are really engaging and pack in a huge amount of content! I noticed a real step-change in the ways the teams communicated after being on her training. . We work in a very engineering-heavy environment and a lot of our developers have really gained a lot through learning the techniques and approaches to break down work and specify tasks in a customer-centric way. Above all, Jenny’s broader experience and knowledge of the people dynamic in delivering software has meant that her training has been delivered in a way that’s reinforced our company values and kept true to “real” agile principles.

― Jo Crossick Engineering Manager, FundApps

Jenny knows how to focus on outcomes, and the outputs needed to achieve them – for me this is the most important foundation of getting teams working on the right thing. Jenny can take a team that has previously been feature-oriented, and guide them to being outcome-oriented, in a way that lives with them long after Jenny’s involvement. She achieves this through different means – including expertly designed and delivered training, and well-facilitated workshops drawing on a very rich toolkit of workshopping techniques. Jenny is an expert facilitator at all levels. Jenny can help groups, from board level to individual teams, to achieve breakthroughs on topics that have been blocking them for months!

― Pete Buckney, COO Railsbank